Falcon Dollars will be the new Falcon money

Starting next fall, Flexfunds will not exist – instead, the University is adopting a new system called Falcon Dollars.

Falcon Dollars are basically the same as Flexfunds, except they can only be used at University dining facilities or franchises. For example, they are good at Starbucks, Steak Escape, the Falcon’s Nest and other eateries like the SunDial or Commons Marketplace, but they cannot be used at Wendy’s.

‘Falcon Dollars is where you can spend your money with [University] Dining Services,’ said Joseph Oravecz, associate vice president of student affairs at the University.

Meal plan rates will also change.

For the 2008-2009 school year, the bronze meal plan was $1,200 plus $200 of Flexfunds, the silver plan was $1,320 plus $350 Flexfunds and the gold plan was $1,340 plus $480 Flexfunds.

For the 2009-2010 school year, every meal plan will start at a base rate of $1,200. The bronze meal plan will then have $240 Falcon Dollars, the silver $520 and the gold $670.

Oravecz said the changes are to bring money back into dining services at the University, and also to allow students more freedom to spend their meal plan money where they choose.

‘We wanted to make it simple, non-confusing and to the point,’ he said. ‘Our intent was making sure it was a win-win situation for students and Dining Services.’