Dance, dance in the pizza, pizza

Hannah Nusser and Hannah Nusser

University students and community members may have a few laughs with their pizza as they drive into Little Caesars, located on Main Street next to Kroger.

Customers may be laughing at Little Caesars’ dancers, also known as Shaker Boarders, standing out front dancing and waving signs at passersby.

‘It draws people’s attention,’ said Andrew Packard, a Little Caesars employee. ‘We send somebody out there with a sign and business picks up.’

Shaker Boarders are an advertising gimmick that was originated and perfected in California by a company franchise.

According to Packard, the goal of the Shaker Boarders is to draw as much attention to themselves as possible, which can make for some entertainment for city motorists while it also boosts pizza sales.

‘They have been a signature of Little Caesars for quite a while,’ said Mike Wrobel, owner of the Bowling Green Little Caesars franchise.

Typically between the hours of 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. a Little Caesars employee can be seen standing out in the grassy area between the parking lot and the main drag waving a large ‘$5 Hot n Ready’ sign, dancing and hollering at passersby as they advertise Little Caesars’ famous pizza deal.

‘I believe it does [affect business],’ Wrobel said. ‘I believe that for folks driving down the street it gives them something to see and hopefully will help keep Little Caesars on the top of their mind when they’re thinking of something to eat.’

The Shaker Boarders always seem to be having fun with their job, which may pay tribute to the increase in business Little Caesars sees whenever a dancer is outside, Wrobel said. The company also receives positive reactions from customers.”

Brandon Hermes, a junior and Little Caesars employee, said when they go out with their signs customers and passersby will yell and honk at them in support.

‘It’s like [the dancers] brought a smile to their day which is a good feeling, ‘ Wrobel said