Brown and Orange intrasquad track meet ends with thrilling 200 meter relay finish

Brad Frank and Brad Frank

The 13th and final event of the Orange and Brown women’s track and field scrimmage decided the winner on Friday.

With each squad having won six events heading into the final event, the Orange broke the tie after winning the 4×200 meter.

The team of Allison Weimer, Rachel Doughty, Tatijana Jacobson and Jeannette Pettigrew finished the race in 1:45.1, besting the Brown’s squad time of 1:49.1.

The team scrimmage allowed the Falcons to sense competition for the first time since practices began.

‘We always look forward to this event and getting everybody together for the first time,’ said coach Cami Wells. ‘We’re looking for everyone to compete hard, support one another, and give good efforts before they have to focus on finals this coming week.’

Wells said the entire team did well, and highlighted some individual performers.

‘Jeannette Pettigrew – in the 55 meter, 200 meter and the 4×200 meter – looked extremely strong today. Certainly, those are some quick times in an intrasquad meet in those events,’ she said. ‘Heather Conger did a very nice job in the 1,000 meter and in the 4×600 meter – she anchored a comeback. And in the throwing events, Ashley Harris did really well.’

With next week off and winter break approaching, the Falcons return to full practice Jan. 12, the first Monday of the spring semester.

The team’s first meet is the BGSU Challenge on Jan. 16 at 11 a.m. in Perry Fieldhouse. Several Mid-American Conference teams and other in-state schools will be competing.

‘I appreciate that people came out to watch, and we’d like people to come back and watch that meet on Jan. 16,’ Wells said. ‘It will be a very competitive meet with several MAC teams … and we appreciate all the support we can get with people coming and cheering on our student-athletes.’

Pole Vault 1. Sabrina Forstein, Brown”12′

High Jump 1. Tatijana Jacobson, Orange”5’2′

Long Jump 1. Rachael Doughty, Orange 16’9′

Shot Put 1. Ashley Harris, Orange 40’2.5′ 2. Brooke McCombs, Brown 37’2′ 3. Kristin Boettcher, Orange 34’7′

55m 1. Jeanette Pettigrew, Orange”6.7 2. Timia Ingram, Brown 7.2 3. Rachael Doughty, Orange 7.6 4. Janelle Campbell, Brown 7.6

2,000m 1. Andrea Pereira de Almeida, Brown 6:44 2. Barbara Powers, Orange 6:47 3. Ashley Fischer, Brown 6:51 4. Abby Koch, Brown”6:53 5. Megan Kelsey, Orange 6:56 6. Sally Kandie, Orange 7:05 7. Carly Wells, Orange 7:16 8. Taylor Stichter, Brown 7:31

600m 1. Gillian Allen, Brown 1:39 2. Saisha Gailliard, Orange 1:40 3. Danielle Thornton, Orange 1:42 4. Hillary Hewit, Brown”1:47 5. Paige Lane, Orange 1:48 6. Alixe Korsnack, Orange 1:57

Triple Jump 1. Shannon Laseak, Brown 30’1′

Weight Throw 1. Ashley Harris, Orange”52’1′ 2. Kristin Boettcher, Orange 47’11’ 3. Brooke McCombs, Brown 47’2.5′

1,000m 1. Heather Conger, Brown 3:00 2. Autumn Dettmann, Orange 3:03 3. Courtney Krummert, Brown 3:09 4. Katie Borgelt, Orange 3:10 5. Meghan Niehaus, Orange 3:23

200m 1. Jeanette Pettigrew, Orange 25.8 2. Felicia Jefferson, Brown 26.1 3. Allison Weimer, Orange 26.2 4. Timia Ingram, Brown 27.1

4 X 200m 1. Orange: Allison Weimer, Rachel Doughty, Tatijana Jacobson, Jeannette Pettigrew 1:45.1

2. Brown: Timia Ingram, Shannon Laseak, Sabrina Forstein, Felicia Jefferson 1:49.1

4 X 600m 1. Brown: Gillian Allen, Hillary Hewit, Courtney Krummert, Heather Conger 7:00.7

2. Orange: Danielle Thornton, Katie Borgelt, Saisha Gailliard, Autumn Dettmann 7:06.1