Woods is entitled to some privacy, but should explain himself to fans

Matt Liasse and Matt Liasse

A young talent steps out of their home in Hollywood, California the morning after a night of escapades and scandal, and all eyes are on him – and not in the best of ways.

There’s some explaining to be done.

Imagine a life where everyone knows your name and who you are. Upon having a bad day, it’s not possible just to go to sleep with the hope it will all be over when you wake up.

In this life, everyone wants to get their hands on you. Everyone wants to speak with you.

You’re bombarded as you read about yourself in the line of tabloids standing at the check-out at the grocery store.

Upon the news of Tiger Woods’ new scandal, a lot of questions began to flare up. Last week, when students were still in their turkey-induced coma, the golf star was busy running from an angry wife who was chasing him with a golf club (or trying to save him from a car accident, depending on which side of the story you believe).

The next day, speculations ran rabid. The squeaky clean image of Woods was being dragged through the mud. Rumors that Woods had been having an affair reached the point of truth, and text messages Woods thought to be private forever resurfaced as headlines on TMZ, E! News and even Sportscenter.

Woods tried to be ‘hush hush’ about the incident at first, but people were relentless and continued to badger him until he finally released a statement as vague as they come saying he was sorry, he messed up and he wanted privacy.

People still wanted more. The question remained, should this man be respected and given time to dwell on what he has done? Or is it a matter of fame, a life in which he chose to be in the spotlight, and he owes explanations to the fans that support him?

Between the camera flashes from the photographers on the red carpet or the paparazzi in the car following them, celebrities lead actual lives like human beings – it’s just being lived in front of everyone.

In the case of Woods, so many people root for him, so many kids look up to him and so many companies endorse him that it doesn’t seem fitting he would remain silent about something that can tarnish his image in the long-run.

Yes, he’s lived a very private life, and before now he hasn’t given anyone reason for suspicion. But the main point is if this man’s image is crucial to how he makes his money, he cannot just simply shrug off this controversy. He is a grown man, and he should have the decency to explain himself to his fans.

So, privacy is unquestionable. No one should be knocking down his doors right now, but in due time I hope Woods apologizes for the rupture in his image and explains himself to the many children who look to him as a role model, the campaigns who have decided to endorse him because of his ‘nice guy’ attitude and, of course, his fans. It would be the right thing to do. He loved the attention he received when his son was born, he should be ready to get attention for a minor dispute in his career.

Many celebrities have gone through what Woods is currently facing. Some came out stronger, others ended their career. Michael Phelps being photographed taking a hit from a bong turned into a headline people forgot about months later, while Chris Brown’s horrible beating of Rihanna quickly turned him into Hollywood’s bad guy.

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan seem to always be explaining their actions in the spotlight. The little girls that look up to them seem to be the furthest from their minds when they are having their personal drivers take them to rehab or jail, which is why their careers (or lack thereof) have found their way to the grave.

People want attention when they are a celebrity. They have a lot to sell when they are in this business. It’s not only about talent these days; it’s about personality as well. When someone’s personal life is being claimed as something less than stellar, their career will begin to become a little shaky.

This is not the end of Tiger Woods, it’s just a shame he’s fallen into the atmosphere of other deranged celebrities. The game of fame is a life of pressure, but if someone cannot handle the pressure, they shouldn’t try and play the game.

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