Steak n’ Shake to replace Steak Escape this fall

Steak n’ Shake will officially be coming to the Bown Thompson Student Union this fallm replacing Steak Escape.

John Zachrich, senior marketing manager for BGSU Dining, said this change is being made because of the low popularity of Steak Escape from students over the past few years.

“We do a lot of market research, and we know the popularity was continuing to drop. It’s not a brand that students are currently looking for,” Zachrich said.

When deciding what should replace Steak Escape, BGSU dining conducted a survey asking students what kind of food they would like to see on campus.

“We do surveying of certain brands with different concepts such as, do they want to see something like Tex-Mex or a premium burger? The response for a premium burger was overwhelming,” he said.

Rumors were going around that a Chick-fil-A would be going into the Union, but Zachrich said that is untrue. At this moment, there are no plans that Chikendipity will be leaving or replaced. The only change will be Steak Escape.

“The Steak n’ Shake will have a slight deviation,” Zachrich said. “It won’t have everything on the menu as a regular store would. It is designed specifically for the University. It will have the staples like premium burgers and shakes.”

Construction for the new project is set to start on Aug. 15 and will be ready when students arrive in the fall.