Blackbear’s album shows his growth



This week hip hop artist Blackbear released his new 10 track album “Digital Druglord” and it was worth the wait. Blackbear has been on the rise for quite some time putting out EP’s here and there with a couple of albums in between. He has been steadily growing a fan base and captivating people with his lyrics and his style of music. His music can be described as a mix between alternative and R&B, and his voice is unique in how it floats so smoothly over the beats.

Fans mostly gravitate towards him because of his lyrics, they create a sense of vulnerability and intimacy between him and the listener. The fact that he can be emotional and is not afraid of expressing how he feels about the various situations he goes through is faced. That is just so much different from the constant talk about sex and other things that are superficial. Throughout the few years he has been working in the music industry, the money and recognition hasn’t appeared to change him in any way. He still comes across as a very down to earth artist that wants to create music that makes people feel.

This album is a little different from his other works as he is evolving in his music with time. It starts out will a Blackbear version of a ballad: “hell is where I dreamt of u and woke up alone” which talks about waking up after being under the influence, knowing that he is alone and wanting something more. Then the track “I Miss the old you” tells the story of when he was in a relationship with someone but over time that person changed because of fame. All he wants is to get back to how things used to be but since that’s not possible he’s just reminiscing on what they shared together. The following song “do re mi” is a statement that he is now over that relationship and find it clever to use the harmonic scale to create something catchy and pleasing to the ear. After that track five “wish u the best” is more of a ironic track to the girl he is now over, it talks about trying to wish someone good luck in her new relationship but instead claims she already had it so there is nothing better. And now he feels glad to put all of the troubles behind him.

The album continues with this story but the two tracks that standout the most is the last ones. The first one “Chateau” which talks about how much fun he has in a hotel but talking about how they change after the night of passion they change and act much different so now he doesn’t look for love. And the production on this track is amazing switching the beat style about three different times, very infectious and promising. Then the last track on the album “Make daddy proud” talks about an ex that has changed completely and speaking to her in a very condescending tone saying he proud of the fact she is now consumed by the money and material things, which is safe to say she is now a gold digger.

This album was a cohesive project in production and storytelling but at the same time was a newer sound for Blackbear. It’s time for people to sit up and pay attention, because Blackbear is a force to be reckon with and is coming for the top spot.