Community goes bald to donate to charity

The BGSU Falcon Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary organization hosted their fifth annual St Baldricks “ShaveAThon.” Students, faculty and members of the BG community shaved their heads as the organization raised money for Childhood Cancer Research.

This year, participants and the organization raised $16,161. Including the total raised from the years before, the St. Baldricks foundation at the University raised over $100,000.00 for Childhood Cancer Research.

Volunteer Event Organizer Cassie Mere spoke about what it means to reach $100,000 in total.

“Hitting 100,000 was just a huge milestone for us. It’s just a great reminder that what we are doing is making a difference and is a great way to keep that passion going and to get others motivated to get involved and help make that positive impact.”

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Quick Facts

-89 “shavees” had their head shaved at the event

-40 ponytails were donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths

-The event raised a total of $16,161 this year

-Since its inception in 2012, the event has raised over $100,000

-11 “teams,” or organizations, took part in the event

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“St. Baldrick’s means so much to me because childhood cancer research is so underfunded. 1 in every 5 children diagnosed will not survive, and those that are surviving, are suffering from lifelong health effects from the current treatments they are receiving…Seeing the reaction of children undergoing treatment see people willingly shave their heads to stand in solidarity with them is the greatest feeling. Last year, St. Baldrick’s Foundation got a new drug approved through the FDA which is only one of three in the last twenty years. It’s great to be a part of taking back childhood from cancer,” Mere said.