On interracial relationships

Over the years, diversity has increased all over the world. From social settings to the workplace and now even with dating, more and more diversity is appearing around us. One specific example is interracial relationships. Interracial friendships, interracial romances and interracial partnerships are on the rise and it’s a beautiful thing.

For those who don’t know what the term “interracial” means, it’s when two or more people from different racial ethnicities engage in a friendship, romantic relationship and/or companionship. For example: A black male and a white female, a white male and a black male, a white male and a black female, a black female and a white female, an Asian female and a white male, an Asian male and a white female, you get the point. Interracial relationships are a big sign that this world is becoming more diverse and we should continue to embrace it. Remember when I said in an earlier piece that opposites attract? Well, that can easily be applied here.

Opposites DO attract and they attract well. Me personally, I date inter-racially and I love it. I’m also certain that many people feel the same way I do. Maybe you too date, have friendships or have sexual relations outside your predominant ethnicity, or maybe you don’t. Regardless, you should be open to the idea and embrace it for what it’s worth. We have come a long way with this and it shouldn’t be set back. In my opinion, interracial relationships have the power to completely end racism if we all let them. If you don’t date inter-racially, at least go out and experience interracial friendships.

You’ll never know what culture you’ll learn about and you should be open to learning about other cultures. Research shows that interracial relationships are still the minority compared to same-races ones, but that can change, if people embrace them. Embracing is the second stage in acceptance. Many television shows and movies now feature at least one interracial couple. Some feature many interracial couples. So if you see an interracial couple but aren’t fond of it for some odd reason, then learn to accept it and tolerate it. Don’t make vomit sounds at one another. Tolerance is the first stage in acceptance. There are still many uneducated individuals out there who think interracial relationships are taboo. Well nowadays, taboo is becoming the norm so it works out anyways. If you think about it, you have to have a small mind to continue deeming things as “taboo.”

It is 2017, and we need to encourage others to open their minds to seeing other options in the world. People should go around and be proud of exploring inter-racially. Interracial couples can make beautiful babies. Interracial relationships have so many benefits, and can even be a fun “fetish” for many. Embracing interracial relationships is like making an ice cream sundae. You add chocolate, you add vanilla, you add strawberry, but it’s not perfect without all three. Nothing greedy with wanting all three. So, as us interracial lovers call it, #SwirlNation!

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