Getting to know international students through soccer

The International Football Club is a football team that gives many international students the opportunity to get to know other students through the sport. Football is the international term for the sport Americans call soccer. The club meets one to two days a week to play a few pickup games and get to know each other.

“The guy that ran it last year, he started it . . . that was his main goal of getting people from different countries that come here to form a club,” president of the club Matt Eppley said. International Football Club has been around for about five years. The club currently meets one day a week, but when the weather is nice they will meet twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday.

“We kind of understand each other’s style . . . but for the most part everybody will stick to what they want to play and what they do every week,” Eppley said. They play for about two hours each week and every week they try to switch up the teams. The club does not practice and no prior soccer experience is required to join.

“I’d say for the most part just about everybody is international,” Eppley said. “We try to like, diversify it up a little bit.”

The team currently has around 20 to 25 regular members, but Eppley said warmer weather tends to bring more participants. The club is open to both men and women, and graduate and undergraduate students. The team typically meets at the Perry Field House on Sunday nights from 8-10 p.m. but occasionally they will play outside at Carter Park. When they play indoors, there is a $10 fee to join to pay for the rental of the Field House. In order to join, all you have to do is show up on Sunday night ready to play. Check out BG International Football Club Facebook Page for more information about the club and games.