New crosswalk beacons to increase student safety

Brionna Scebbi and Brionna Scebbi

It is common to see students running across Wooster Street amidst traffic as they are coming to or from campus. In response to pedestrian patterns established by a 2015 safety survey, the Bowling Green Public Works Department is in the process of installing four new crosswalks along the busy road.

Two of these will be traditional crosswalks with refuge islands halfway across the road while the other two will be pedestrian hybrid beacons. The beacons consist of red stoplights pedestrians activate with the push of a button, causing traffic to come to a stop.

The traditional crosswalks will be placed just east of Manville Avenue, leading to Founders Hall, and just west of the Falcon Health Center. The pedestrian hybrid beacons will be located east of Troup Street, leading to McFall Center, and further east down Wooster Street, leading to the Stroh Center.

BG News took to the streets to find out from students themselves how this might affect their commute across Wooster Street.