International students kick off the holidays

Three University international students flipped the switch for the city’s Christmas tree lights Thursday, dawning the holiday season and shining light on the city’s diverse community.

“This year, we wanted to do something a little special,” Mayor Richard Edwards spoke before a crowd of about one hundred Bowling Green residents. “This is international week at BGSU, and we want to honor those from other countries.”

Hannah Lechner, from Austria; Crystal Lau from Hong Kong; and Caroline Flaesgarten, an American student who studied in Strasbourg, France, were recognized, and they helped decorate the tree.

Flags lined the top of the tree while other global decor and ornaments were placed to show representation of the 80 countries BGSU students hail from.

“The lighting of this tree is very heart-warming to me with all the international students represented,” municipal administrator Lori Tretter said.