8 Reasons To Join College Radio

Amanda Delong and Amanda Delong

Ever wanted to hear yourself on the radio? Love new music?

College Radio was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Here’s why:

1. You hear about all the newest music FIRST!


On a daily basis, WBGU-FM gets sent about 10-15 new albums, emails with new music, and singles. We get to know about all the upcoming musicians before anyone else, meet them on their tours, and play their music to help promote their careers. You could be the reason someone hits it big.

2. Good experience for your resume.


You are a part of an actual station with actual experience. It’s much easier to get a job in radio with actual experience.

3. Free music festival passes and concert tickets–SAY WHAT??

Good wiz2

Radio stations get invited to music festivals and approved for media passes to festivals and concerts all of the time. WBGU-FM has been all over the country to meet and interview BIG musicians. 

4. Travel Opportunities


WBGU-FM travels all over the country for conferences. These conferences usually include awesome food at a location you’ve been dying to visit. We’ve been to Seattle, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Austin, Nashville, and even Las Vegas.

5. You get to have your own radio show and meet celebrities.


This allows you the creativity to do pretty much ANYTHING. During my time as a DJ, I invited awesome musicians on-air to do live performances, played games with professors, and built a brand around my show. It’s pretty cool being a campus celebrity. 

6. Always something to do.


Whether its your show, an event put on by the radio station, a new album to listen to–there is always something to do as a member of the station. Sometimes there is so much to do that we accidentally sleep over in the radio lobby… 😹 Radio sleepovers are the best!

7. You are joining a networking circle with very strong people in it.


There are so many jobs in radio for when you graduate. Not interested in radio? There are so many people who have a connection to WBGU-FM or their campus radio station that will relate to you during a job interview. Maybe they always wanted to be part of their campus station? You have so many people around the country to relate with. (I was offered a job just because I was a radio DJ and that was the recruiter’s dream to be one.)

8. You make the best friends.


WBGU-FM creates friendships that go outside of the station, past graduation, and memories that you will recall forever. I will definitely miss the people I have met as a part of this organization. 

Interested in joining the radio station? We’ve got tons of opportunities for you! Email [email protected] for more information OR sign up for MDIA 1990 with Phil Beskid to speed up the process. You can be on air within 8 weeks.