Justin Timberlake headlines Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2018

It was the year 2004, when singer/performer Justin Timberlake last hit the Super Bowl stage, alongside pop icon, Janet Jackson. We all know how that turned out.

Since then, Super Bowl Halftime shows are more sophisticated and monitored, as far as surveillance goes. 

In recent years, rumors have been flying that Timberlake would soon return to the Super Bowl stage, after his 2013 album release, “The 20/20 Experience”, and most recently his smash hit from 2016 film, “Trolls”, Can’t Stop the Feeling!

Fourteen years after the “wardrobe malfunction” incident with Jackson, it is finally time for J.T. to ‘wow’ his fans, performing his greatest hits over the span of his successful career.

But not everyone is happy to hear this news.

Another rumor has surfaced that while Justin is no longer ‘banned’ to perform at any NFL game, Janet still remains restricted to perform or make an appearance at any NFL event. People are arguing that Justin should still be banned, making it fair between him and Janet, or the other way around; both of them free of the harsh consequences of 2004’s Halftime Show. But according to a spokesperson from the NFL, neither of them were banned in the first place.

That should settle the beef for now,…but my question is, will Janet join him onstage for next year’s big show?

Only time will tell.