Faculty Senate Is Back In Session, Introduces 12 Goals For the Year

By Abby Shifley and By Abby Shifley

Faculty Senate met yesterday on Sept. 5 and started out with a small reception to welcome faculty back for the new academic year. University President Mazey primarily recapped the 12 main goals for the University this year, which she had previously said in her State of the University Address:

1.The University has been making efforts to improve the rate of enrollment, as credit hours are down by 1 percent and head count is down by 2 percent.

2.New internships will become available to students so they will have more opportunities to study abroad.

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3.The University will work to “integrate learning in all we do” and increase the use of technology in the classroom, Mazey said.

4.The University’s retention rate has increased to 77 percent, but the ultimate goal is 80 percent.

5.The University will find other sources of funding.

6.The University will increase the number of partnerships with public and non-profit sectors.

7.The University will increase access to entrepreneurial work.

8.The University will increase the level of regional, national and political engagement.

9.The University will increase diversity, tolerance and openness on campus.

10.The University will address health and wellness problems and issue a new task force to combat drug and alcohol abuse.

11.The funding for the “Master Plan” campaign will continue to grow and improve facilities — past projects being Moseley Hall and University Hall.

12.The University will improve head count, especially in online graduate students.

Provost Rodney Rogers took the podium next, welcoming 51 new faculty members and praising new facilities.

He then listed some of the fall events coming up on campus, including two guest speakers J.D. Vance, author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” and journalist Clarence Page.

The senate then moved to vote on the Resolution for Financial Support of the Ohio Faculty Council, an establishment that represents faculty at all four-year public colleges and universities. The senate approved of this issue 52 ballots to five.

The senate lastly discussed the costs of textbooks. The issue didn’t result in a vote, but it was left open to further debate in a discussion board on Canvas.