Necessity in our current political state

By Kevin Michel and By Kevin Michel

It is easy to become so disgusted by daily news headlines from our White House and easy to feel disgusted at things said by the man in charge of our nation. It is not so easy to find reconciliation with what is currently going on in our country. The public is becoming abandoned, along with losing faith in a government steadily straying away from its on-paper values. As respect for the government drops, so too does the well-being of citizens. Anyone who does not feel uneasy about the current path we are on is failing to see the scope of our actions.

    Over the past months we have seen it as ‘okay’ to parade in the streets with Nazi regalia and rhetoric, use such blatantly xenophobic language and we have seen the growing gap in our nation’s wealth become increasingly distant. We have lost faith in our governing bodies to do the one very thing they are tasked with doing. Going on would surely be beating an already beaten dead horse.

    Rally calls for change will undoubtedly arise, chantings for resignation or reformation will be heard, and this will strongly encourage ideological shifts in the formation of our country. Is this the best thing to do? Should we continue to let frustration determine our political voice and allow for emotion to cloud judgment? This is what has been happening recently and any discussion on politics leads to either side angrily walking away in disgust, because the other has offended them so greatly. There is a different route we can go. There is something necessary going on right now in our political world.

    This catastrophic White House is the result of a process with inherent problems. The problems of left democracy are becoming prevalent and some change will begin to happen. They have failed to capitalize on an opportunity to resolve these issues and give a viable alternative to the overwhelming rage towards politics in our country. Now is the time to see what happens when we let this rage get in the way of our actions when deciding who should run our country. People being shocked and horrified at our president is necessary. We needed a proverbial slap in the face to see the problems with our democracy. Trump is urging us to become disintegrated with our morals, and again, this too is necessary because the morals subsidized in American culture are far from universal and innately good in a time where they need to be. We are even becoming disintegrated with either political side. The necessity in this is that it allows us to step back from foolishly polarized sides and see to it that each reconciles in the middle. Problems need to be brought up and visible sometimes before they can be fixed. This is the current the state of our government.

    What not to do is to become distraught and horrified at these problems. Keep a cool head and remind yourself that these problems are a necessary pain. It must be endured to bring about a political shift benefiting the well-being of its citizens.