How to get through the flu in college

Being sick in college is just about the least fun aspect of the college experience. Not only is it an inconvenience to a student’s class schedule, but it also hinders the amount of time we spend during the day being productive members of society. 

If cold and flu season hits you hard this winter, there are a few things to keep in mind during the sniffles, sneezes and coughing.

1.The Falcon Health Center is here for you. Don’t think you can tough it out on your own or scheduling an appointment and going there is too much work. It is a wonderful resource and should be utilized in times of illness. The staff members are nice, there is a built-in pharmacy, and you can get to feeling better in no time.

2.A good ol’ phone call to mom is also underrated. Moms are pretty much know-it-alls in the realm of sickness and are probably more knowledgeable on what to take and when for your various ailments. If nothing else, they can provide a soothing voice and a good conversation.

3.A trip to Meijer or Walmart could be helpful. There are lots of over the counter medicines that can cure any common cold,. And a bottle of ibuprofen is only a dollar!

4.While getting sick may make you feel immobile and incapable of going to class, try your best to not let your illness prevent you from enjoying life. While it may knock you out for a few hours or a day or two, try to be joyful and not let the bummer of being sick get you too down. Also, friends are a godsend when it comes to feeling better. Lean on them for support rather than isolating yourself in a puddle of sadness and sickness.

5.That being said, don’t let your schoolwork and responsibilities overwhelm you into participating 100 percent if you don’t feel 100 percent. It is okay to take a pause and recover with a nap or just a time of rest. If you usually work out but you feel like poop, don’t push yourself to do something you don’t feel up to. If you cough every 10 seconds and you can barely keep your eyes open, it’s okay to reschedule a meal with your friends. Not everyone can expect you to feel your best and rise up to every challenge, especially when you don’t feel well.

While sickness may get you down this season, it is important to remember that it’s just part of the challenge of living life. Instead of letting it get you down, just take some time to recover; indulge in some Netflix and chicken noodle soup and focus on getting better. Being sick isn’t fun for everyone, but if you let it make you bitter than that’s one more day of life that you can’t enjoy because something minor ruined it. So, while being sick is a bummer, the sooner you move your brain past it, your body can move past it too. 

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