Q&A with USG candidates

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This week, two students will face off in the Undergraduate Student Government presidential election. Junior Kevin Basch and sophomore Clayton Stewart are battling for your votes. Read their answers below to find out where they stand on student issues and send The BG News questions of your own at [email protected].

Question: What is your position on the USG shuttle issue?

Clayton Stewart

USG presidential candidate

I believe Bowling Green State University’s shuttle service plays a vital role in transporting students from one corner of the campus to the other safely. Along with that I feel the busing system is a bit out of date. Just for example, most of the heaters in the bus hubs do not work. The signs informing students of the routes and their times are not very visible or even present. So what the Stewart/Double administration plans to do is work with professional student organizations. They can offer the expertise needed for this problem. While helping BG shuttle services they are getting hands-on experience which can help them get a job in the future. Thus, in the end the busing system needs work, but it is nothing that cannot be fixed. All we need is a little hard work and some perseverance.

Kevin Basch

USG presidential candidate

This semester the USG Senate passed a resolution in support of the expansion of the Shuttle Bus with regards to a downtown route. USG’s decision on this resolution was largely based on the outcome of a student vote that hopefully many of you participated in. I myself fully support and agree with what the USG Senate and the overall campus concluded on in this matter, to expand the shuttle bus by including a downtown route. This route would run to the popular downtown locations during the weekends when these sites were most visited. It is now USG’s job to do whatever it takes to ensure that student demand on this issue turns into actual accomplishment, with the creation of this shuttle.