Corner Grill closing after year-long building code disputes

Heather Linder and Heather Linder

After 59 years of serving its signature burgers and cheese cubes, Corner Grill will be forced to close its doors Sunday.

Corner Grill’s sudden dormancy is the result of an ongoing building code dispute. A cooking exhaust hood cover in the restaurant is violating a city building code, according to the Bowling Green Fire Chief Stephen Meredith.

The fire department was alerted of this potential problem more than a year ago by the owner of the building next door.

“The city prosecutor’s office files all charges,” Meredith said. “[The fire department] just brings problems to his attention.”

The eatery, located at 200 N. Main St., was given notice of the issue last fall, and a conversation among all parties involved has been ongoing, according to city prosecutor Matthew Reger.

“The fire department informed us that progress had not been made in correcting the problem,” Reger said.

On March 15, the prosecutor’s office sent a letter to Grill owner Larry Cain, mandating a plan to correct the problem be presented within 15 days. Both Meredith and Reger insisted closing the establishment was not one of the options presented.

“It was not our intent to shut them down,” Reger said. “We just want them to correct the problem. We are willing to work with them on a plan to resolve this.”

While Cain declined to comment at this time, he said the future of the business is uncertain. The closing could be temporary or permanent. All additional business would be appreciated, Cain said. Any customers this weekend could be tasting their last meals at the long-time Bowling Green staple.