Jacobson enjoys early success on track team

Brad Frank and Brad Frank

Tatijana Jacobson has learned quite a bit in her first year at BG.

What she has learned is largely a result of the design of the BG track and field program.

And from what she has learned in college, she’s experienced a bit of success so far this season.

The freshman won her first collegiate high jump event in January at the Jane Herrmann Invitational and has placed in the top 10 three other times.

Finishes like those are very familiar to her.

Jacobson was a two-time state qualifier and three-time district champion in high school.

She wants to continue to learn, mainly because she feels it can only help her.

“It’s all about learning. If you can learn the most, you can progress the most,” Jacobson said. “I’ve learned so much since I started; I think I’ve done well.”

In addition to learning in practice, she said she learns something new in each meet.

“I get better that way,” she said. “My heights might not show it, but I definitely have learned a bunch.

“I have a few things down, but I still have other things to work on.”

She has also learned that the key to success, at least for her, is to be confident.

“You can be the best in your event, but if you’re not confident then that doesn’t really help,” Jacobson said.

“Field events are all about confidence, because if you missed your first jump you can’t get down on yourself because you could miss your next two jumps.”

Jacobson said good high jumpers are willing to learn. Her main teacher is assistant coach Jody Stewart.

Jacobson talked about how he helps her improve as a high jumper.

“He’s just there to make me better as an athlete and as a person,” she said. “If we don’t understand things, he’ll try and explain so we do understand.

“He just pushes us. There’s no quitting–ever. If he’s not going to let me quit, then I can’t let him down.”

In addition to Stewart, the entire track and field program has helped to create a system in which athletes can excel.

All athletes, whether competing in track or field events, support one another throughout the course of a meet as much as possible. 

“We’re there for each other; we push each other. Cheering is a bit part of our team,” Jacobson said.

The support system extends to the coaches, who Jacobson said have provided her nothing but guidance and support in her first year.

“My coaches are like my parents here,” she said. “Not only do they tell me what to do and how to do it, but they’re there for support.”

Jacobson and the Falcons continue their season Saturday at the University of Toledo Collegiate Challenge.