Preserve your pennies

Thebgnews and Thebgnews

College students are known for their creative ways of saving money. Checking pay phones for change, mooching food from others, coercing parents into buying groceries ­– college students have living on a small budget down to an art form.

Luckily, local businesses are making it easier on University students to save those precious pennies. Many businesses in Bowling Green offer a student discount with an ID, so check out the skyline for where to go to hang onto that hard-earned cash.

Goodwill: 1058 N. Main St. Get 10 percent off with a student ID.

Panera: 139 S. Main St.Get 10 percent off with a student ID.

Woodland Mall Cinemark: 1234 N. Main St.On Thursday, with student ID, tickets can be purchased all day for the matinee price of $2.50.

Qdoba: 129 S. Main St.Get a free drink with a student ID. If you add Qdoba on Facebook, you get free chips and queso .

First Choice Haircuts: 1121 S. Main St.Get 10 percent off with a student ID.

Grumpy Dave’s Pub: 104 S. Main St.On Tuesday comedy nights, students get in for $3, $2 off the regular price.

Serenity Spa and Tanning: 1616 E. Wooster St.Get $5 off with a student ID.

Compiled by Heather Linder and Alissa O’Neill