Students take jogging class for fun, workout



Shaina Smith and Shaina Smith

Just like yoga and ballroom dancing classes, jogging is one of the more popular physical education courses at the University.

“We actually had quite a few people on the wait list, [the class] fills up really quickly,” said instructor Matthew Nichols.

Some of the students choose jogging to fill their PEG requirement but the majority of them choose jogging as way to incorporate exercise into their weekly routines.

“This class is a great get away from the classroom and when my schedule is busy,” said sophomore Ryan Krobath. “It gives me a chance to exercise.”

Nichols didn’t want to have students just run in circles so along with jogging, he also gives them sprint and partner-based workouts, and he incorporates strengthening activities.

Students in his class really appreciate the variety of activities Nichols provides.

“[Nichols] is a great instructor; he is very knowledgeable … we learned about strides, proper breathing exercises and running forms. He basically adjusts the workouts to your skill level,” said junior Stephanie Winner. “So those who want to jog more can and those who aren’t as advanced have workouts that fit them as well.”

Since Nichols enjoys different sports, he decided to put together a volleyball intramural team and a mens and coed soccer intramural team to promote fitness outside of class.

“They really like it,” he said. “A lot of times it’s always someone who can’t make it, but when they’re all there, it’s a lot of fun. They come up with victory dances; it’s just a lot of fun.”

Senior Curtis Massey participates on the intramural men’s soccer team, which meets on Tuesdays at seven and the coed soccer team at eight. Winner also plays on the coed soccer team.

“I actually play club volleyball but soccer is a new sport for me to pick up. I’m really enjoying it,” she said.

Along with getting a few workouts during the week, the class also provides other benefits.

“I’m in better physical shape, and I’m usually in a better mood,” Massey said. “There were people who could barely jog at the beginning. Now they can jog multiple laps, so it can be rewarding.”

Krobath said not only do you get a letter grade but it gives you motivation to exercise and set goals for things like running a marathon in the future.