Summer brings various bummers

Ah, the terrifying speed at which May now approaches. The anticipation for spring break has faded into a distant memory, and attention now turns eagerly to the time of summer. Yes, many look forward to the three-month hiatus with the same enthusiasm as they did in high school, but as we age, a new reality approaches.

When I think back to two years ago, good old ’08, what was my biggest concern? I still had my high school job at a pool, the cool high school girlfriend, acceptance to the University to study film and a whole bunch of summer movies to go see: “Iron Man,” “Indiana Jones,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “The Dark Knight.” I still own my Joker baseball cap and T-shirt. My biggest concern was literally making sure the midnight tickets to “The Dark Knight” did not sell out.

Now fast-forward two years. I have yet to finalize an internship for this summer, housing plans for next year are still unknown and zero jobs are lined up. I mean, I’m still geeking out over the release of “Iron Man 2” and Chris Nolan’s “Inception,” not to mention the new “Predator” movies and Sly Stallone’s “The Expendables.” Now I just have to save my change a bit more and make sure real life is taken care of first.

The variety of pressures for students is always separated by large margins. Some will have to work full time and others will escape to much sunnier and exotic locales than Bowling Green. But as each summer arrives, a new set of challenges is added to the list, no matter who you are.

I am currently planning on how to accrue enough green to enjoy both Lollapalooza and the Predators as many times in theaters as possible (after the real life issues, of course). Priorities may not change, but reality has a begrudging way of making itself heard.