Commuters interrupted

Shaina Smith and Shaina Smith

The University is closing three commuter parking lots.

This leaves commuters like sophomore commuter Amanda Agan asking themselves “Where the heck am I going to park?” The University plans to close commuter Lot J3 by McDonald residence hall, and Lots J7 and J8 behind Offenhauer will be removed to make room for the new McDonald dining center and the new residence hall.

In an effort to compensate for lost parking, the University will be expanding Lots 5 and 12 by 500 spaces to the north, said Project Architect Marc Brunner. The removal of Lots J3, J7 and J8 is expected to begin in the coming months along with the construction in Lots 5 and 12.

“Well I just heard about it today and I gasped,” said sophomore Lizette Cooper. “I park in those two lots [J3, J7] because they’re the closest to my student life … all my classes are in Life Science or the Math Science building.”

For some students, the new parking lots mean they will have to walk further to get to their classes.

“This makes me very angry because most of my classes are in Eppler or the music building and that would be a long walk from there,” Agan said. “Even the lot across from the rec and the graveyard fill up before 10 a.m. so you would have to park at the ice arena, and that’s a long walk as well.”

Junior Lucas Kopec thinks it’s funny that on-campus parking is the same distance as off-campus parking when on-campus students don’t have to walk to their car daily.

Sophomore Emily Byrn raised the question of security while walking to these distant parking lots.

“I have classes up to 9 at night. Walking to [Lot 5] at night worries me, and I don’t know anyone on campus,” she said.

Cooper agreed with Byrne and said it’s scary to walk to those far off lots after evening classes.

Some of the students suggested the University should make sure there is more lighting added to the lots if they are going to have to park further away.

Kopec is confused as to why two frequently used commuter lots are being removed. He suggested the University look at the statistics and see which population is bigger: off-campus students or on-campus students.

“If there are more commuters, then they should think about adding more and closer commuter lots,” he said.

Junior Jeff Stevenson also had a suggestion that the University should think of.

“BGSU should just invest more money in hover car research and there wouldn’t be any more problems,” he said.