Undergraduate Student Government gives students a voice on campus

Christie Kerner and Christie Kerner

A student-led organization at the University allows students to have a voice in letting the administration know what changes should be made.

The Undergraduate Student Government looks to address the needs of the student body by working with students, administration and faculty members.

“We function as the general voice for students on campus,” USG president Sundeep Mutgi said.

Every student at the University is a part of USG and has the opportunity to let the senate, executive and cabinet board know what issues are significant to them, Mutgi said.

“I kind of look at it as going to a lawyer,” he said.

Senator Justin Albright never thought about getting involved with the student government until vice president Kevin Basch mentioned it to him.

“I wish I would have gotten involved sooner,” he said.

Albright said he enjoys the contacts he’s able to make with the administration while he helps them help other students.

All students are welcome to attend the weekly USG meetings on Monday evenings at 7:30 p.m. in room 308 of the Union.

Meetings consist of a guest speaker and reports from officers as well as lobby time for students to step forward and bring up any issues or ideas they have.

“The meeting is very informal,” Albright said.

Kacee Snyder, a doctoral intern in the office of the dean of students, started her first year helping advise USG. As an undergraduate at Ohio State University, Snyder was not involved with the student government, but after completing her master’s at BGSU, she learned how involved it was on campus. She was later asked if she would be interested in working with USG.

“My hope is that I can bring a fresh perspective to the students and be a resource for them,” she said.

Mutgi said USG will work with any range of issues and responsibilities, from supplying a can opener in the commuter lounge to organizing Haiti relief.

“Any student with any problem is welcome,” he said.