CAMPUS brief for Thurs., Dec. 2



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University Provost aims to develop diversity

Initiatives to broaden diversity on campus were addressed last night at the “Charting Our Future” monthly forum. The discussion-based meeting was a part of the University’s seven-step plan to embed diversity within academic policies. Students and faculty members met with Provost, Ken Borland, above, to discuss different strategies for making diversity a key value on campus.

“We are moving forward in a direction that’s important for our University,” Borland said. “What we want to see accomplished is to convert diversity as a value and exercise it as a verb.”

By January 2011, Borland plans to create a small group of students and faculty members to represent different diversity organizations on campus. “The Diversity and Inclusion Network” would work as a system for collectively addressing diversity issues.

“There are a lot of problems rising but there isn’t much being done,” said junior Tiffany Smith. “Sometimes I feel like I’m not valued because of my race. It’s discouraging, but I’m glad there are steps being taken in a different direction.”

Borland hopes that by incorporating diversity within the University’s value policy, students and faculty members will be able to grow and expand as individuals.

“I want to make sure everyone feels welcome and that every ship in the harbor rises,” Borland said. “We’re committed to increasing diversity at all levels because we know that it creates a more enriched and developed individual.”