Wasteland, Baby by Hozier (Review)


Wasteland, Baby

Chloe Koon and Chloe Koon

On March 1, 2019, Irish singer-songwriter Hozier released his sophomore album “Wasteland, Baby!”.  Before this album dropped, he released an E.P. and several singles.  The album consists of 14 songs, 16 songs on the deluxe.  This is his first album since his self-titled album, Hozier, in 2014. Here are my thoughts on a few memorable songs from the album.

“Nina Cried Power (feat. Mavis Staples)”:  This is an empowering song that is the first track on the album.  The use of a choir in the song adds to the intensity of the song that is carried throughout the entirety of the song.  Mavis Staples is featured in this song to help add to the meaningfulness of the lyrics. They are speaking of empowerment through the use of influential people that created a fight for justice and equality. Since, Mavis was an activist, her feature adds to the power of the song.

“Almost (Sweet Music)”:  An uplifting and chill song, “Almost (Sweet Music)” is a light-hearted tune that allows the listener to relax in peace.  The bridge of the song does change the tone of the song to being a little more intense.  I really enjoy listening to this part of the song even though I don’t know exactly why, but it could be due to the addition of background singers.  The last chorus of the song sounds like a whole choir singing and is very musical, and it is powerful, yet it is still peaceful.

“As It Was”:  Simple, but emotional, this song starts off almost ominous and is very soft.  This tone is created by the use of just Hozier’s voice and the guitar, then it slowly builds with the addition of piano.  The song is urgent, but still is soft in dynamics, almost like he is trying to tell the listener something important.  However, even though the song continues to build, it never reaches a true climax before it mellows out to an end, so the listener never hears what he is really trying to convey.

“Wasteland, Baby!”:  This is a very simple song that is soothing to listen to.  Someone can, listen to this song to relax and just let his voice wash over themselves.  It has a simple melody and a chill vibe with just him and the guitar.

Hozier has announced tour dates to promote his album and is currently on his 2019 North American tour.