BG Spotlight: Noah Stevens


noah 4/21

Brian Geyer and Brian Geyer

Visual communications technology major Noah Stevens is a second-year student from Westerville, Ohio. What sets Stevens apart from many other students on campus is his commitment to a vegan diet.

Stevens said he first got the idea to start a vegetarian diet from his friends who were also vegetarian. He said he was influenced by the philosophy class he was taking at the time, where he discussed the ethics behind killing animals for food. He also determined the diet would be healthier for him.

After being a vegetarian for five months, Stevens made another change to his diet.

“I thought the next step would be becoming vegan because that’s even better for you and even better for the environment. It is probably the most morally justifiable (option).”

He said the change was an adjustment for both his family and friends, saying his parents were unsupportive, but the majority of people around him admire his lifestyle choice.

BGSU offers various options across campus for vegan students.

Stevens said although a person might become bored with the food options BGSU offers to vegan students, he believes cooking is also a great option. In terms of on-campus food options, Stevens said the Oaks’ Shoots is the best option for students.

Stevens gives advice to those who have thoughts on becoming vegan.

“I think that people should try and make little adjustments to their lives instead of big adjustments at once — because that’s harder. As long as people are trying, that’s good.”