Students share thoughts on Twitter about $49,000 BGSU letters in Union Oval

In their responses to the recent installment of large orange letters in the middle of campus, many students’ sentiments were related to the cost of the display.

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Dave Kielmeyer said the total cost of the display, including installation, was about $49,000.

After the April 30 Faculty Senate meeting, President Rodney Rogers said, “The funding for that specific display is a combination of things, including a donor who had that desire and perhaps would not have directed that money to other purposes.”

That donor contributed the letters, which are valued at about $24,000, according to Kielmeyer. The university picked up the rest of the cost: $25,000.

A full-time undergraduate student paying in-state tuition at BGSU and living in one of the cheapest residence halls with a bronze meal plan, according to the 2018-19 breakdown of tuition and fees, pays about $19,758 in one academic year — not including fees.