William Herald to run again for Council seat in next election

Adam Gretsinger and Adam Gretsinger

One of Bowling Green’s long-standing citizen leaders looks to run for reelection this year.

William Herald, a current member of the City Council, announced his run for reelection for the Fourth Ward seat Jan. 1.

“It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Bowling Green this past year as well as during my previous eight years on Council,” Herald said in a message to the press. He also said he would look forward to representing citizens’ interests if he were reelected.

Herald went on to list his goals for his next term, which included:

·       Helping citizens interact with the town government

·       Improving neighborhood conditions around town

·       Supporting economic development that helps the city

·       Maintaining careful city budgeting practices

·       Ensuring consistent, responsive city services continue to improve

Herald currently heads the city’s Public Lands and Buildings Committee and works in its Community Improvement and Public Utilities Committees. He has served on all seven committees throughout his whole career with the city, has headed more than half of them and once acted as President Pro-Tem.

The note describing his application for reelection emphasized his efforts to canvas and use citizen opinions, including hosting 36 public meetings about City Council matters, writing newsletters and surveys for interested citizens and personally visiting homes.

Herald had returned to a Council seat in 2017 after an election period out of office following a popular vote.

Though he earned his doctorate in Public Policy and Management from Ohio State, Herald earned a bachelor’s’ degree and masters’ degrees in Applied Statistics and Public Administration/Policy from BGSU.

He has resided in Bowling Green for more than forty years, working in both business and college education spheres during that time. He is currently employed as a data scientist for the First Solar energy equipment company.

Herald and his wife, Karen, have three children and four grandchildren.

Elections for City Council position take place this November.