BGSU police still investigating sexual assault incident

On Dec. 20, the BGSU Police Department sent an email alerting students of an on-campus incident. The email stated the incident is being investigated by police for being in violation of the nationwide Title IX policy. The Title IX policy prohibits offenses of sexual assault and discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation. This policy also prohibits any form of stalking, domestic violence and relational acts of violence.

The University shares this information so that members of the community can take appropriate precautions.”

Students are encouraged to report any incidents on another’s behalf or ones that they were victims of. There are a few ways students are able to report offenses of this nature.

“Students can either call the police department or go to the BGSU website and fill out the ‘See it. Hear it. Report it.’ form,” Title IX Coordinator Jennifer McCary said.

This form can be found by going to the BGSU website, search “student affairs” and  click “See it. Hear it. Report it.”

Both of these options are completely confidential. After an offense is reported it must go under a thorough investigation of how the offense occurred and to what extent it violates the Title IX policy. The length of the investigation is dependent on whether or not the individual wants to work with the police department or BGSU.

For example, the offense discussed in the email occurred in September, the report was filed some time in December and the investigation is still going on over a month later. For confidentiality’s sake, the option the victim chose remains unknown.

The email also includes information to help prevent incidents by encouraging students to stay safe or step in as follows:


  • Sexual assault is never the survivor’s fault.

  • On college campuses, 90 percent of sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the survivor.

  • Consent must be present for any sexual activity and can be withdrawn at any time.

  • Alcohol and other drugs might be used to facilitate sexual assault.

  • Remember to Step Up and Step In.

  • The campus shuttle service or a taxi provides safe options for transportation.


The email concludes with resources for students as listed below

BGSU Police at (419) 372-2346

Bowling Green City Police at 911 or (419) 352-2571 for non-emergencies

BGSU Title IX office at (419) 372-8476

Office of the Dean of Students at (419) 372-2843