Making the most of Valentine’s Day despite single status


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Mary Ross and Mary Ross

Valentine’s Day is here. For the people who file under “single” or “it’s complicated,” this holiday can be a pain. Hearing all my friends talk about their V-Day plans with their significant others at first felt like a gut punch.

But rather than sulk about the idea of being alone on Valentine’s Day, I’m deciding to embrace my singleness, and for good reason. Not only have I been the only person who has been a constant source of love and support for myself since last Valentine’s Day, but I also have grown much more as a person during this past year as a single lady than I ever did while in a relationship.

Because of the amount of self-growth in the past year and my single status, Valentine’s Day gives me another reason to celebrate, well, me. All too often, it seems people forget they are the No. 1 person in their life.

I’ll admit, I used to fall into this category. I put my family and friends before me, never thinking about how doing this was affecting me. If you fall into the category of forgetting you are No. 1, this means it’s an opportunity for you to celebrate yourself on Valentine’s Day, too.

While people in relationships make plans with their significant others, you can plan to do whatever you want. While people in relationships spend money on a fancy dinner, you can go to dinner literally anywhere you want, without having to think about where another person would want to eat. Also, while people in relationships spend money on presents for each other, you can treat yourself and splurge on whatever you have been eying for a while now. More important than any of that, while people in relationships worry about if they are doing enough to make the other person happy, you can focus on yourself and what makes you happy.

I mean, all of those things are what I will be doing on Valentine’s Day. I’ll go to class and hopefully learn something. I’ll be working five hours, which, with minimal wage, equates to about $40. Rather than spend the money on a gift for a significant other, I’m going to be spending the $40 on treating myself. As for dinner, I will probably go to Dunkin’ to grab a mint hot chocolate to have with pizza rolls in my dorm room before I go to work. All that sounds lame, I’ll admit. However, sticking to my schedule with a little splurging thrown in there is what will make me extremely happy on Valentine’s Day. Seeing as Valentine’s Day is a day of love and happiness, I would say how I plan to spend the day isn’t half bad.

Although meant for lovers and normally a pain for single people, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be such a dreaded day. If you can embrace whatever status you are and stick to doing things that make you happy, you can make the most of the holiday any way you choose to spend it.