5 albums to help you get into pop punk music


5 albums

Alicia Kobasic and Alicia Kobasic

Pop-punk was one of the musical genres that I started to love in high school once I started to branch out from pop music and my love of One Direction. Bands like Green Day made this genre popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s and there are bands today that are still trying to keep it alive. Here are some albums that have been released in the last five years that I love in the genre of pop-punk, Some are typical pop punk, while some have their own twist on the genre.

‘Around the World and Back’ by State Champs

State Champs was one of the first bands in the pop punk genre that I listened to. This band from New York is what I picture when I think of pop punk. These tracks have catchy choruses perfect for singing along. The tracks are guitar and drum heavy, with an angry tone that are typical for pop punk. They do have two other albums, but, to me, this album encapsulates the genre of pop punk perfectly. My favorite tracks are “Secrets,” “All You Are Is History” and “Around the World and Back” featuring Jule Vera.

‘The Peace and The Panic’ by Neck Deep

I’ve got a Welsh pop punk band for you all to check out now. I had to include them on this list, especially since they sold t-shirts that said “Generic Pop Punk”  on the front with their band name. I could have put any of the band’s albums on this list, but by far “The Peace and The Panic” is my favorite by them. While this album has the typical guitar-driven pop punk tracks, it also has some different moments. Tracks like “Don’t Wait” which features Sam Carter of Architects has a heavier sound. Then tracks like “19 Seventy Sumthin’” and “Wish You Were Here” are an emotional rollercoaster.

‘Copacetic’ by Knuckle Puck

This album is one I do not think I could ever get tired of listening to. Knuckle Puck has such a distinct sound that when one of their tracks comes on, I know it is them without having to check. This album is full of in-your-face drums, guitars and vocals, and is cohesive from start to finish. With tracks like “Evergreen” and “Untitled,” this album has their own pop punk sound that fits the band perfectly. Some other tracks from this album to check out are “Poison Pen Letter” and “Pretense.”

‘Love and Loathing’ by With Confidence

This Australian band shot into the pop punk spotlight in 2016 with their debut album “Better Weather.” This band, in my opinion, is pop punk, but with less angry tones to their lyrics. While, there are still those angry lyrics, it has more upbeat instrumentals. Their choruses are also very catchy and will get stuck in your head.. This album is another one that is cohesive and a fun listen, especially when you can scream the lyrics while driving around, which I may have done before. My favorite tracks are “Moving Boxes,” “Pâquerette (Without Me)” and “Jaded.”

‘The Great Depression’ by AS IT IS

Now, this album is the most unique on this list. This is a concept album that tells the story of The Poet. The album focuses a lot on issues relating to mental health, as the story of The Poet is told. At the end, listeners are left to decide for themselves what happened. This album may not be what you think of when you typically think of pop punk, but it still has elements of pop punk, while being its own unique sound. While this album has heavier moments like “The Reaper,” featuring Aaron Gillespie, and “The Wounded World,” songs like “The Question, The Answer” make you think and slow down the album a bit. If you want something that tells a story and makes you think a little, give this one a listen.