DJ Personality Profile: Travis Sherman

Sarah Vandyke and Sarah Vandyke

Travis Sherman is a third-year student at BGSU, coming from his hometown of Rossford, OH. Sherman chose BGSU because of its next level, incomparable Media Production department. He is currently majoring in media production and minoring in marketing. Travis co-hosts the show Less Than Perfection, a talk/variety show about recent news (both local and national) where they play games and tell stories as well as have tons of audience interaction through call-ins and social media, with Conor Ryan. The show airs every Friday from 4-6 p.m. Sherman says his favorite thing about having a radio show is being able to hang out with friends and Ryan on air and talk with other people. Sherman is currently involved in Club Dodgeball, and the New Content Team at the station, which makes content for Falcon Media. As of right now, Sherman is unsure of what his plans after graduation are; he says that “whatever happens, happens.” A fun fact about this DJ is that he used to have two goats — a fainting and a pygmy goat!