Up and coming: 7 artists to keep an ear out for

Rc and Rc

A couple weeks ago, we compiled a list of seven artists to watch out for before they hit the mainstream. Since there’s so much music coming out these days in the advent of the internet, and you can never get enough music, we decided to do it again! Therefore, here are seven more artists to watch out for before they sell their souls to pop radio. 


Jetty Bones 

Consider it punk-rock, Carly Rae Jepsen. The stage name for Kelc Galluzo, Jetty Bones is essentially a pop artist behind an alternative backdrop; similar to that of a Blink-182 with more of a female point of view. 


Moths In The Attic

With a debut album soon to arrive to streaming services, which is already available on Bandcamp, Moths In The Attic have a promising future ahead of them. A seemingly more mysterious take on the music of American Football, these Northwest Ohio natives have a unique style and a very talented group of guys at the helm.



Another quality indie band, Foxing’s song “The Medic” has accumulated over 10 million streams on Spotify. The band, however, still has a relatively smaller fanbase. The song just proves that the band has mass appeal potential just waiting to be further tapped.


Morgan Saint 

Morgan Saint has a sound very similar to that of a Billie Eillish or an FKA twigs, but let’s not act like that’s a bad thing. As that sound has started to become more and more mainstream, thanks to the rise of artists like Lorde, it’s not unfeasible to see an artist like Morgan Saint topping the charts sometime soon.



Music that just sounds so good. Listening to Snarls evokes childhood memories you forgot that you had, and is a throwback in a sense to alternative music of the ‘90s. Similar to Snail Mail, who was mentioned in the first part of this article, Snarls is music for the youth.



By this point, it may seem like the amount of indie and alternative bands on here could be considered overkill. However, none of the bands mentioned prior will feed your appetite if you’re looking for some gothic rock. That’s what Protomartyr is here for.


Sam Bekt 

Although Sam Bekt may have the lowest amount of monthly listeners of anyone on this list, it may be the most interesting music here. Kind of like a mix between Lil Peep with less aggression and Beck at his strangest, Sam Bekt is someone to keep your ears open for.