“Friends” by Chapel song review

Brittany Line and Brittany Line

On Oct. 4, Chapel released a song titled “Friends”. This was the first we have heard from the band since the release of their debut EP, “Sunday Brunch, nearly 2 years ago. While I was unaware of this band up until the release of this new single, I have to say I am becoming quite a fan of their music.

Chapel is a pop duo made up of lead singer, Carter Hardin, and drummer, Kortney Grinwis. They are currently signed to Rise Records. A music video for “Friends” premiered on Billboard’s website 3 days after the single was released. Now, you can find the video on Rise Records’ YouTube channel.

The track “Friends” stays in the same realm as the songs on their previous EP with both style, format and lyrics. It begins with a mellow keyboard intro that is pleasing to listen to. When the song reaches the chorus, the drums come in and the tempo starts to pick up. It continues this way until it slows back down for the bridge and everything comes back together for the end.

The lyrics of the song talks about how recently it feels as though he has lost all of his friends. He is in a moment of reflection on both the people he was friends with and the things they would do together. He mentions some things he has skipped out, such as “I missed Josh’s wedding last week” and “I dodged your call”, all referring to how distant he is becoming towards his friends. My personal favorite line is, “Are we boys no more?” where he addresses the issues he is dealing with in a more casual manner.

Despite the song having been out for over a month now, I still find myself looking it up for my walk to class. Overall it’s catchy and a great reintroduction for Chapel from their debut EP. If you want to get a better feel for the band, some of my favorite songs off of “Sunday Brunch” include, “Caught Up”, “We’ve Got Soul”, and “Don’t You Love Me?”. I think there’s a lot in store for Chapel in the future, but in the meantime, make sure to check out “Friends” and their past EP “Sunday Brunch”.