Don’t know what to do with your spare time in this snowy weather?

Bg News Staff and Bg News Staff

The BG News staff shares their favorite snowy day activities.


Mary Ross | Forum Editor

Reading a book with a cup of hot chocolate


I love snow, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t always like getting drenched when I go outside to play in it. However, sitting in the foyer of my house with the front door open so I can see the beautiful winter scenery, with a cup of hot chocolate (or coffee) and either a book or notebook is always a move for me. For me, there is nothing in the wintertime as calming and enjoyable as that, especially if I’m home alone and there’s no commotion to distract me from what I’m doing. 


Andrew Bailey | Pulse Editor

Eating delicious snow 


Sometimes tap water just won’t cut it. Snow is a gorgeously pure form of the liquid straight from the skies. It has all the benefits of drinking regular water, but it’s also more solid than water, so it can kind of feel like food if you really try. While I don’t run out into my yard with a plate and cutlery to dine on the fluffy goodness, scooping up a morning snack on my walk to class is the energizer I need to get me through the day. Also, I can stuff my pockets full of the white powder for a midday snack, as well as insulation. For some people, a blizzard means staying under blankets, but for me, it means dinner.


Hunter Huffman | Campus Editor

Lounging around with music and writing


Snow days are pretty cool sometimes (pun intended). Though sometimes I like to brave the cold, I also enjoy just lounging inside for the day. It’s a great time to warm up in a blanket,

plop on the couch and watch a flick or two on one of those newfangled internet things. Personally, I find it a good opportunity to write while jamming to some tunes — particularly jazz — as accompaniment to the blizzard outside. All in all, snow’s just a great excuse to be a recluse for the day, which is something all of us need once in a while. Happy holidays, y’all.


Brionna Scebbi | Editor-in-Chief

Building forts


There is nothing better than coming inside from building a snowman or having a snowball fight than building a fort out of couch cushions, pillows and blankets. Fill that fort with hot chocolate — with those mini marshmallows — Christmas music (once Thanksgiving has passed, of course) and lots of extra blankets, and you’ll have the perfect way to spend a winter day. 

Pro tip: Look up a video of a fireplace on YouTube to add a cozy touch to any fort. 

Shaelee Haaf | City Editor

I love everything about snow


Being a Colorado native, I’m filled with this unexplainable joy everytime I see white flakes falling from the sky. I used to sit in my kitchen next to the bay window wrapped up in a fleece blanket with a Private Selection hot chocolate while I read a book and watched the powder glisten in the sunlight. 

On the very rare occasion school was called off for a snow day, my brother and I would slip into our snowsuits to build an igloo in the vast backyard, then our parents would take us to the enormous hill down the road where the rest of the neighborhood sped down to the bottom. Over longer breaks and holidays, we would drive up to Evergreen Lake and skate over the frozen water and warm up at the fireplace in the cabins nearby. And of course, what kind of Coloradan would I be if I didn’t love skiing?  


Rosiland Fletcher | Copy Chief

Writing, drinking coffee and gazing out a window


Snow days are truly the best! It’s an opportunity to either be productive or enjoy the little things you like to do. For me, taking time to do a few of my favorite things, whether it’d be writing or reading, both with a cup of coffee next to me, I’m happy. Sitting by a chilled window and occasionally gazing out at the white snowflakes falling — it’s still and magnificent. Snow days also allow me to reflect on the coming of the new season and the lessons I may learn from the simple sight of snow.

Maxwell Marko | Sports Editor



During the first snowfall, I enjoy sledding with friends and family. Trading laughs and sweet memories that will be cherished for the times to come is only elevated by the absolutely priceless reactions as I drill people with my various tubes and toboggans. The trick is to avoid setting off any signal that you are headed for the legs of a cold, tired sledder chugging their way back up the hill. You’re sure to cackle as the unsuspecting victim completes three to four mid-air cartwheels before pancaking onto the fresh powder below, that has only had mere hours to form a cushion. I challenge anyone on the mound each day to retaliate and try to take me down. My reflexes, which can only be compared to the beloved trap-jaw ant, will put any loser who dare attempt to strike me to shame. 


Brian Geyer | Social Media Editor

Reading, sipping hot coffee and not moving


I welcome the changing of the seasons. I think I would be lost without the four seasons in my life. I get excited about going outside and being able to feel the cool air against my face, compared to the hot weather that plagued summer. I won’t lie though – I hate the snow. Unsurprisingly, my favorite winter activities do not involve the snow. I love looking out at the window, reading a book, sipping some hot coffee. With the school year keeping me busy, I find not moving for a little bit under a blanket is the perfect relaxer. If I’m stressing over homework, I’ll focus on that as well. One thing is for sure, if it’s cold outside, there’s no way I’m moving more than I have to. 


Courtney Brihan | Reporter

Ice skating with friends and my memories


Staring up at the first heavy snowfall of the year, I started giggling like a little kid when the flakes hit my face. I got a sudden burst of happiness knowing that the start of snowtime activities was finally here. There is no better feeling than being in an outdoor ice skating rink. Because I have ice skated since I was young, it is not only a fun activity, but a nostalgic one as well. My dream job when I was young was to be a speed-skater for the Olympics. With time, of course, that dream has shifted, but the feeling of gaining speed on the ice still gives me that euphoric feeling.