BGSU Club Spikeball participating in tournaments, expanding club

Mary Ross and Mary Ross

Spikeball has been rising in popularity over the last couple years and the students of BGSU are no exception to this. BGSU Club Spikeball was created earlier this year and represented BGSU at regionals for the National Collegiate Spikeball Tournament in Notre Dame this past weekend.

The club was founded by Ryan Bissman, Ben Lawson, Joel Robinson, Jacob Boy and Josh Mahan. The group has been expanding ever since it was established.

“I talked to Bissman, the current president about spikeball last year and we mentioned how BG didn’t have a club team for it. He got the ball rolling on starting a club here and a few of us supported him the whole way. Now we have over 40 paid members in the club,” Ben Lawson, the Club Spikeball secretary, said.

BGSU Club Spikeball got the ball rolling fast too, starting their year off with a tournament on campus a few weeks ago and then attending regionals for the National Collegiate Spikeball Tournament at Notre Dame.

The tournament at BGSU was successful and the executive board members were happy with the results.

“Our first tournament here in BG was a success. We had 11 teams register and had a great crowd come out. Nearly every team I talked to said they had a good time and wanted to play in another tournament. It was competitive and an overall great atmosphere. I know of a lot of people who wished they could’ve made it, so hopefully when we have another in the spring, it goes even better,” Lawson said.

President Ryan Bissman looks forward to what they first home tournament promises for the future.

“It was a big stepping stone in our club for bigger and better tournaments to come in the spring and future,” he said.

The club also gained insight into playing spikeball from going to the Notre Dame tournament.

“It was a learning curve experience for our team because of the different style of spikeball that is played versus how we have played at our club. We did okay with each of our three teams winning a few games throughout the day,” Bissman said. “The most important thing our team took away from this tournament was we can compete with teams who have been playing on the big stage, and that with more practice we be right there next to these teams.”

Marketing Chair Jacob Boy already has ideas on how the team can improve for future tournaments while also keeping the club fun.

“We will start some new drills to help develop our skills, but there are many things that we will keep the same to continue to make spikeball club an enjoyable atmosphere,” he said.

The club is also open to anyone and Lawson encourages people to check it out.

“We have practices 6 (to) 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday every week in the turf field of Perry fieldhouse. Any and all skill levels are welcome, and we want everyone to come out and try spikeball. You won’t regret it,” he said.

If you have any questions about BG Club Spikeball email them to [email protected]