Chris Bullins talks hazing and food insecurity at USG


USG 10/22

Moe Ashour and Moe Ashour

At Monday’s USG meeting, Chris Bullins from the Office of the Dean of Students spoke during open forum, aiming to highlight USG’s upcoming initiatives and deadlines for senators to relay to their constituents.

“This Sunday evening, right before we roll into Monday morning, will be the deadline for our 2020 orientation leader applications,” Bullins said.

Hoping to recruit 18 orientation leaders, Bullins highlighted a couple changes aimed to making the position more appealing.

The hourly pay for these positions have been increased to $10 per hour, and student housing is also being offered for the weeks during the summer when orientations take place.

“We are offering on campus housing, the student does not have to take advantage of that but if they don’t have a place to stay in the summer, rather than having to sublease an apartment, we will be providing housing at no additional charge as well as a meal plan for when they are working with the orientation program,” he said.

A new initiative the Office of the Dean of Students is working on is hazing awareness and prevention week on campus. According to Bullins, it will start on Nov. 18, 2019 and it will run through the week. Two guest speakers are scheduled to come to campus during the initiative. 

“When we look at literature about hazing, we know its not isolated to social fraternities and sororities, so athletics, student organizations, clubs, sports and even bands are all entities that we know we need to be working with,” Bullins said.

He also touched on the matter of food insecurity among the student body, how to raise awareness of the program, how students can donate to it and for those in need to be able to easily access it. An example of one of the programs is called Grab and Go, which allows students to pick up three days of food if they are experiencing food insecurity.  

Resolution SR 2019/2020-04, which suggests that all BGSU syllabi acknowledge ROTC students and their needs for the program, was also addressed at the meeting. A vote was held for the resolution and passed the motion, becoming the fourth resolution to be passed

In the executive report by USG Vice President Summer McVicker, she spoke on a meeting held with President Rodney Rogers.

“In that meeting we have updated him on what we were doing as an organization.  He was very interested in scooters and what did the student body thought about scooters, and how it was important that there are other modes of transportation for students, and lastly he was interested in knowing what we are doing about the plus minus scale,” McVicker’s said.

The dress code for next week’s meeting will be “Falcon Casual.”