‘Joker’ discusses real-world issues

Joker 10/8

Joker 10/8

Buy yourself a clown mask now because Joker is bringing them back into style. 

Joker is a film that sparked controversy before its release, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation put a warning on potentially violent activity arising with the release of this film. Partially, this issued warning was a precaution to events that happened with The Dark Knight Rises release, when a mass shooting occurred at a movie theater in 2012. 

Despite the R-rating and the FBI warning, Joker has still made a serious impact on political events, social issues and the conversation about violence in movies. 

Joker, directed by Todd Philips, follows Arthur Fleck’s (Joaquin Phoenix) journey into the creation of his alter-ego known as ‘Joker’. Arthur is introduced as a socially awkward male who lives with his ill mother and works a minimum wage job as a for hire clown. As he suffers from a condition that makes him uncontrollably laugh when he is uncomfortable or sad, we quickly learn Arthur has purpose through causing others to laugh. Attempting to achieve his dreams of being a comedian, he finds backlash with critics and other audience members that are obstacles in his struggle to success. As he faces his obstacles, sometimes with a violent perspective, Arthur’s choices later led him to become an infamous figure of Gotham City.

Overall, Joker has a great narrative and character development that makes audience members understand Joker’s motives as an anti-hero. 

Also, the underlying issues within Gotham City are solely reflective on issues within our world today. There’s a great deal of poverty that affects Arthur’s life and his mental stability. His lack of medications or ability to seek help for his dark thoughts are from a powerful government and a lack of willingness to help those who are not wealthy. 

Another fascinating feature in the film is Joaquin Phoenix’s acting. Being able to pull off the Joker laugh is a difficult task as is, but he even can switch from mental breaks and quickly transform it into incredibly powerful speeches. The flexibility and maneuverability in the movements of the character is another critical selling point of Phoenix’s acting abilities. 

This raw film showcases the cause and effect of political dysfunction, as well as the common obstacles those with mental disorders face. Furthermore, as the story succeeds at explaining Arthur’s transformation into Joker, it also captures the essence of many real world problems.