Students should get involved in local politics

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Savannah Hinde and Savannah Hinde

As a BGSU student, I came to the university with very little thought about the city of Bowling Green other than what it offered in night-time entertainment. As a political science major, I knew I wanted to get involved in the local community and its politics but was unsure on how to go about that. 

Recently, I was told about a group called the Wood County Young Democrats. After being a part of the group for three months, I have become a more educated citizen of Bowling Green and value the relationships I created. 

I believe that all young people should be invested in the community they belong to, even if it is just for the four years they attend college. For me, this was made possible by the Wood County Young Democrats.

Back in mid-2018 there was a group of active Democrats in the area that had been aware of the shifting population demographics in the Wood County area and recognized that the local government was not representative of our diverse population. Over time those three original members turned into dozens due to the organization’s focus on helping to provide opportunities for getting local, younger Democrats involved. 

Since its formation, the Wood County Young Democrats have seen eight young Democrats run for local office, completed a donation drive for the Brown Bag Food Pantry, hosted local candidate forms, offered petition trainings for state-wide issues, canvas and phone bank regularly for local candidates and issues and provide an overall platform for local young people at our monthly meetings. 

We also offer internships to both high school and college-aged people to learn about civic engagement within the political realm. We also have several members now serving on both the executive and central committees for the county. 

I would be remiss to not mention that our organization’s growth would not have been possible without the constant support of Chairman Mike Zickar and the entire Wood County Democratic Party. Making discernible change takes teamwork and our organization is truly lucky to have a county party that has always stood behind our mission to both educate and include youth in our local governmental process.

I urge all young people, especially BGSU students, to get involved in local politics and other causes they have an interest in. Making the connections that I have because of the Wood County Young Democrats has led to some amazing opportunities I would have never received in the classroom. If you would like more information on how to get involved with the Wood County Young Democrats, email us at [email protected]