What it means to be part of the BGSU Falcon Family of the Year

Brionna Scebbi and Brionna Scebbi

The Falcons drove through Toledo defenders and into the endzone, scoring the second touchdown of the game. President Rodney Rogers threw his hands up in the air and high-fived me while cheering before doing the same to my sister, mother and father. 

From our spot on the sideline, next to Toledo’s cheerleaders and with a perfect view of the endzone, my family waited with Rogers and his wife, Sandy Earle. It was moments before we would receive an award for Falcon Family of the Year.

Then, Rogers led us onto the field and Earle handed my parents the plaque while the announcer explained why I nominated my family for this honor.

After accepting the award, we headed back to the President’s Suite to watch the Falcons finish off the Rockets. 

It was an easy decision to nominate my family, because they haven’t stopped offering me unconditional love and support since I first stepped onto campus in 2017.

In my now three years at BGSU, my family hasn’t missed a single week of sending me a greeting card saying how proud they are of me and reminding me to always do my best. 

I have kept every single card, all 120 or so of them. In the cards, they refer to specific work I’ve done as editor-in-chief of the BG News, which they can follow along with through social media. My mom even created a hashtag in support of my leadership at BGSU: #ScebbiStrong. 

On top of being punctual with greeting cards every week, my family has never missed a Falcon Family Weekend. My mom, dad and sister see Bowling Green as I do: a home away from home. They are frequent visitors at Grounds for Thought, the Bowen-Thompson Student Union and the Kuhlin Center newsroom every time they drive in from Cleveland. This year, they were most excited to get a photo on the field of the Doyt to add to their collection of BGSU selfies.