How to stay safe when trick-or-treating


safe halloween 10/29

Many parents all around the world take their children out for trick-or-treating on Halloween. Parents think about a lot of things during this time. Some of these things are more for the safety of their child.

Cases of children going missing or getting harmed during this hectic time are common on this popular holiday. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make trick-or-treating a fun and save fall activity.

1. Bright-colored costumes

One way to keep a close eye on your children would be to choose a bright-colored costume for your children. Wearing bright-colored costumes will make it easier to see them. When children wear dark colored costumes it can be hard for parents to find their child throughout the crowd. This tip can also save many parents the scare of losing their child.

2. Light the way

For parents to see their children in the dark, one could make sure that your child has some kind of light on them. This light can help parents see through the dark or the faces of other people if something happens. If your child does not want to carry a flashlight around, try giving them a glow stick. Although a glow stick may not be as bright as a flashlight, it can still be a good way to keep track of your child while also making it fun for them. 

3. Hold on tight

One way a parent could keep their children close to them would be holding your child’s hand when going trick-or-treating. Not holding your child’s hand on this outing can result in the child running into streets, running inside homes or even just walking with other people they do not know.

All these results can lead to kidnapping. Hundreds of people look forward to trick-or-treating because they know children are going to be out, which puts many children at risk. 

4. Seek treats during daylight

Many parents go trick-or-treating during the day because it’s easier for them to see everything and helps them keep track of their children. Going trick-or-treating in the daylight also helps young children see the path in front of them. Children tend to fall when trick-or-treating at night because they can’t see where they’re stepping in the dark.

5. Plan out a route 

According to it would be a good idea to plan your route ahead of time. Doing this ahead of time can help parents become more familiar with the surrounding neighborhood. Becoming more familiar with the neighborhood may also help parents feel safer.

6. Search the candy stash 

Parents may need to make sure that their children’s candy is safe to eat. There have been several cases of children ingesting harmful substances in their candy, but “it’s unlikely that a stranger will hand out harmful candy this Halloween,” according to an article on

Although the odds are low, it’s still important for parents to go through their children’s candy stash — just to be on the safe side. Following these tips can lead to families enjoying the spooky holiday while also being safe.