Bowling Green football beat Toledo on Saturday. Now what?

Shayne Nissen and Shayne Nissen

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019 will be a date that will be remembered forever in Bowling Green football history. It was a day of jubilation, excitement and downright confusion from everyone that followed the program in the last three years. 

It was a day when a team that had lost their last two games by a combined score of 112-20, defeated a team that was 4-1 coming into the game and held that team to seven points, more than 20 points what they had been averaging coming into the game. But more importantly, it was when the Bowling Green Falcons ended a nine-game losing streak to their bitter rivals, the Toledo Rockets. Really, that’s all that matters. 

We can look back and marvel at how overmatched the Falcons looked coming into the game, and how overmatched Toledo looked during the game, but that won’t change the simple truth that both teams are now 1-1 in the MAC. A conference that looks ripe for the taking of someone like Kent State or Ball State, who both sit at the top of their respective divisions. 

Or could it be Bowling Green that takes a step forward and seriously competes in the MAC East? It’s hard to imagine that a team that is 2-4 and halfway through the season could ever have optimism in competing for the conference, but that’s just what the Falcons were left with after this past Saturday — optimism.

It’s optimistic the team could actually string some games together this season. If they play like they did against Toledo, then a five or six win season isn’t out of the realm of possibility. But how likely is that to occur?

This Bowling Green football team still has its flaws. The secondary isn’t that good, and the youth of that unit is a big reason why. Young or not, it’s still a problem that could pop up as the season goes on. A big reason why Toledo was unable to throw the ball on Saturday is because of the pass rush that the Falcons generated. If a team gives their quarterback time against the Falcons, a competent quarterback should be able to have their way with the secondary. 

On the offense, while the Falcons looked great against Toledo for multiple stretches, they often had very short fields to work with because of the special team’s miscues of the Rockets. Even then, most of the time the Falcons weren’t able to put points on the board. This is because while Grant Loy, Bryson Denley and Davon Jones played well, the Falcons still don’t have an overabundance of playmakers on offense. Opponents will start to key in on the fact Loy is a legitimate dual threat on offense and having now two full games of film on Loy should help as well. 

Falcon fans should be optimistic for the season that lies ahead as it’s shaping up to be an exciting one, especially if the Falcons can get a victory over Central Michigan this weekend. While we should be more excited after this win fans should still tread with caution. 

Yes, this team did only give up seven points to Toledo, but they still have given up an average of 41 points per game this season. Celebrate the win, but pay close attention to the Falcons this week against Central Michigan. If the Falcons can win their second game in a row, there is no telling what the rest of the season could have in store.