Underrated shows, movies

Many television shows and movies seem to receive media recognition upon their release, but not all. Here is a list of various releases that never gained media attention or did not get the amount of praise they deserved.


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‘IT Crowd’ (Netflix)

This British sitcom is centered around three characters working in the IT department. Roy (Chris O’Dowd) and Moss (Richard Ayoade) are information technology technicians with smart technological skills, but lack common sense. Jen (Katherine Parkinson) becomes their new boss, but completely lies on her resume for past work experience. Altogether, they combine their wit and common knowledge into forming the greatest and funniest IT department in any big corporation’s basement. This show had a fantastic cult following, but never received any awards for the brilliant British humor put into the show. With a Netflix subscription, you can add some comedy into your life by watching this amazing show.


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‘Everything is Illuminated’ (Amazon Prime)

Digging up the past is critical to Johnathan (Elijah Wood) as he travels to Ukraine in hopes to find out about his Jewish ancestry. Along the way, he hires a unique local guide, Alex (Eugene Hutz), and his blind grandfather (Boris Leskin). This rad team travels around to uncover events from World War II and Alex’s grandfather’s history as a soldier in the war. Later, all three individuals learn moments that are pivotal to their families’ background. This drama is a heartfelt story that revolves around sensitive characters and is only costs $2.99 on Amazon Prime.


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‘You’ (Netflix)

Some may have heard of this show as it generated some fantastic reviews upon its Netflix release in the beginning of 2019, but it has yet to win any well-deserved awards. “You” follows the story of a hopeless romantic, Joe (Penn Badgley), as he chases after this beautiful girl named Beck (Elizabeth Lail). They bond over similar interests in writing and literature, but, overtime, Joe becomes too attached. The use of technology is adamant as Beck’s social media reveals more about her location, insecurities, and thoughts that are pivotal in Joe’s stalking behavior. Overall, this thriller uncovers the issues with modern day technological advances along with mental disorders that can potentially lead to sinister motives.


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‘Circle’ (Netflix)

In the psychological thriller, “Circle” (written and directed by Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione in 2015) 50 people awaken in a dark room and discover one individual is killed every two minutes. Through analysis and tactical strategy, they attempt to fight back the unknown enemy. At the end of the day, survival is the primary goal for each contestant. As the stakes rise, so do the survivors. This indie film is available on Netflix and deserves to be commended on its spectacular writing.


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‘How Far Is Tattoo Far’ (MTV)

This jaw-dropping MTV reality show tests relationships in permanent ways. Hosted by Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Nico Tortorella, the show borders a typical form of tattoo roulette. Friends, couples and colleagues are challenged to create a tattoo for one another. Blindfolded, each person will see their new artistic creature for the very first time once the tattoo is completed. The worst tattoos can reveal horrific secrets, pet peeves or the ugly characteristics of their partner. “How Far Is Tattoo Far” is an MTV exclusive, but you can find portions of the episodes for free on YouTube or Snapchat.


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‘Seconds’ (YouTube)

For you black and white film lovers, this film is right up your alley. “Seconds” (directed by John Frankenheimer, 1966) follows a man on an extravaganza to change his life around. Instead of cutting out the toxicity in his life, he decides to get a new identity and life a rich, fulfilling life. While meeting a new woman, enjoying various parties and,overall, not dealing with the stresses of a new job, Arthur (Rock Hudson), realizes his happiness is not ideal. His identity is not enough to cover his past and in desperation, he attempts to recover his old identity back. This film is available to rent for $2.99 on YouTube, so scrounge up a few coins in your couch and enjoy the film.