Game Notes: Football wins big in season opener

BGSU Falcons vs. Morgan State Bears

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BGSU football opens up their season in front of a home crowd as they take on Morgan State. The Falcons are looking to avenge a disappointing season last year while bringing in a new coaching staff. Head coach Scot Loeffler is BGSU’s 20th head coach in what the team is celebrating as its 100th year as a program. 

BGSU head coaches hold a record of 9-1 all-time in their first games at Doyt Perry Stadium since the complex’s inception.

Loeffler has made his starting quarterback decision quiet up until kickoff, but recent Boston College transfer and quarterback Matt McDonald remains ineligible and will not dress. Fellow BC transfer Darius Wade, returning junior Grant Loy, freshman Max Denman and freshman LaBronz Davis all take snaps during warm-ups.

On the Bears side of the football, leading rusher Josh Chase will start at running back. He totaled 514 yards and 3 touchdowns in his junior season and was tabbed to the preseason All-MEAC first team. Sophomore Dion Golatt Jr. will take the reins at quarterback.

First Quarter

Morgan State wins the coin toss and elects to defer the kickoff. Bowling Green goes on offense for their first drive of the year. Wade enters the game at quarterback.

BGSU darts and dunks their way down field and scores on a 3 yard run by junior Andrew Clair. Clair and senior back Davon Jones carried the drive for the most part, but a nice play by Wade to evade a sack and make a strong 14 yard throw to junior Quintin Morris brought the Falcons in Bears territory. 

BGSU leads 7-0.

In the Bears’ first offensive possession they see a BGSU run defense that has not been seen in quite some time. They are only able to gain 4 yards on the ground and are forced to punt. 

Any Falcon fan not aware of Darius Wade was introduced to Middletown, Delaware native on BGSU’s second drive. His drive started strong after he was able to make two key throws down field and elude the incoming pass rush. However, as the drive continued Wade’s accuracy became sporadic and forced the Falcons to punt.

After two Bear penalties on special teams and another positive showing from the run defense for BGSU, the Falcons begin their third drive with great field position. From there Wade and company continue to pound the ball through the middle of the field. Wade, Clair and junior back Bryson Denley team up for 48 yards on the ground capped off by 2 yard pass to a wide open Morris in the endzone. A missed extra point gives BGSU a 13 point lead.

BGSU leads 13-0.

Second Quarter

While Wade is certainly able to get out of a potential sack, he is not afraid to float the ball to dangerous spots on the field. Certainly something to look back on when the Falcons find themselves playing a Division I-A team. He is able to find redshirt freshman receiver Julian Ortega-Jones in the redzone to set up a Nate Needham field goal. 

BGSU leads 16-0.

Chase continues to have a tough start to the game. In his six attempts he has only been able to muster 13 yards and as a team the Bears have only been able to total 12 rushing yards and have been held to just one first down.

In Wade’s best drive of the game thus far, he completes all 5 of his passing attempts including his 27 yard line drive up the middle to Morris for six. There were much more disciplined throws from Wade, and he seems as though he knows the middle of the field is going to be open. 

BGSU leads 23-0.

BGSU immediately pounces on the Bears and junior linebacker Kholbe Coleman knocks the ball loose from Golatt Jr. The Falcons recover and take over in Bears territory.

The first play following the turnover is a Wade dump off to Ortega-Jones, who takes it down the sideline and to the one yard line. Jones crashes in for the Falcons fourth touchdown of the game.

BGSU leads 30-0.

A sack and poor punt lead to Morgan State’s best field position so far, starting at the Bowling Green 30 yard line. Golatt Jr. takes a shot to the endzone right away and a defensive pass interference call puts them in the redzone, but the consistent 4-3 defense powered by Coleman holds the Bears to a 27 yard field goal from Nicholas O’Shea. 

BGSU leads 30-3.

In a two-minute drill situation, Morgan State allows Clair to claw his way through past the 50 and Wade follows up with a run of his own to the 11 yard line. Continuing their crossing routes up the middle, Jordan Wayne-Prather catches an 8 yard bullet from Wade to set up a field goal attempt.

Needham’s field goal attempt turns into a gong show as a fumbled snap prevents a kick. Needham takes it upon himself to scramble out to his right in the event he can turn three points into six. His pass goes right into the bread basket of Bears linebacker Maurice Lewis Jr and ends the first half.

Third Quarter

In an up and down drive the Falcons attempt a 51 yard field goal but miss. Senior tight end Austin Dorris got caught on a suicide pass from Wade and stayed down. He was able to get up and off the field under his own power.

Short crossing routes continue to butter the Falcons’ bread in this second half. Falcons trying to run as much time off the clock as possible as Wade seems to be only pushing the ball towards the sidelines on screen passes or when he is in trouble. The Bears allow them to walk their way into the endzone for six points on a Davon Jones 7 yard screen pass. 

BGSU leads 37-3. 

Fourth Quarter

Grant Loy entered the game at quarterback for the Falcons right at the start of the fourth quarter. He used his speed to his advantage right away with back-to-back 11 and 18 yard rushes. He completes an 18 yard dump-off to freshman tight end Christian Sims who takes it all the way for the score. 

BGSU leads 44-3. 

Loy and the Falcons march down field, taking as much time as possible. They do convert on a fourth down and slowly work their way towards the endzone, but are unable to convert on a second fourth down conversion attempt. 

The starting position for the Bears contribute to an intentional grounding call in the endzone, which gives BGSU a safety and the game’s final score. 

Final Score: 46-3, BGSU