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Staying connected 8/22

Brian Geyer and Brian Geyer

Starting the new school year can be met with feelings of uncertainty and excitement. Some students struggle with homesickness and others may struggle with finding an organization on campus. Regardless, there are plenty of online resources to help make the transition to becoming a BGSU student easier. 

Social media accounts:


This account is often used to share pictures of campus, along with communicating to alumni, current and future BGSU students of events such as Homecoming and Campus Fest. 

Facebook: @OfficialBGSU

Twitter: @bgsu

Instagram: @officialbgsu

President Rodney Rogers 

One of the more amusing accounts on Twitter, BGSU President Rodney Rogers often shares free events for current BGSU students. This account is also how Rogers often shows students his personality. Follow this account for laughs, updates on campus and the occasional free Starbucks drink. 

Twitter: @Pres_Rogers

BGSU Athletics

Athletics are also a part of BGSU’s campus life. There’s always a team to cheer on and a bleacher to be sat in. With BGSU’s wide array of various D1 sports, the athletics social media accounts are here to keep students informed. Check the Facebook account to see upcoming games, the Instagram for team interviews and the Twitter account for scores. 

Facebook: @BGSUAthletic

Twitter: @BGAthletics

Instagram: @bgfalcons

University Activities Organization

UAO, located on the fourth floor of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, is a must-follow for students looking for fun throughout the whole week. UAO often sponsors free movie nights, Build-A-Bear nights and trips to Chicago and Kalahari for a discounted rate. To stay updated on events throughout the year, students can follow UAO’s social media accounts. 

Facebook: @BGSU.UAO

Twitter: @bgsu_uao

Instagram: @bgsu_uao

Falcon Media

Want more articles from BGSU’s journalism publications such as this? Follow Falcon Media on all social media accounts. All accounts are regularly updated to give students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members news regarding campus life, town life, sports, entertainment and more.  

Facebook: @BGFalconMedia

Twitter: @BGFalconMedia

Instagram: @BGFalconMedia

Interested in joining any organizations? Visit their tables at Campus Fest on Sept. 4 and search for them on social media!



Group projects and collaborating with other people is an essential part of university life. Does sharing a phone number feel too personal? GroupMe is one tool for communicating for group projects and organizations. Not only is it easy to add members after a group has started, it’s also easy to just “like” a message, without the need to respond. 

GroupMe is available on both the App Store and Google Play


Think email is a dying form of communication? Think again. Checking email may seem like a hassle at first, but it will quickly become a part of life at BGSU. Professors give out their emails as the main form of communication for questions and concerns regarding their classes and organizations add students to their email lists. BGSU often cites that email is their primary form of communication throughout campus. Outlook on a smartphone only makes the process of checking emails easier. 

Outlook is available on both the App Store and Google Play

Facetime/Skype/Facebook Messenger/Snapchat

Have a smartphone? Chances are you have one of these apps. Being away from home can be difficult, especially at first. BGSU encourages students to stay on campus for at least six weeks before visiting home in order to adjust to campus and residence life. However, you don’t cut off all ties from home. Instead, you can use video chat to communicate with friends and family back home. Be sure to say hi to the dog too!