How to decorate cramped college dorms | How to BG

Mary Ross and Mary Ross

College dorm rooms are usually quite a bit smaller than some students are used to, especially when it comes to sharing the room with one or more people. It’s essential to make the most of all the space of the room while also bringing items to decorate the room to make it more comfortable. Below are a few of my recommendations on items to bring and ways to organize dorm rooms in order to make the most of the space.

1.  Furniture under bed

Whether your bed is fully lofted or you have taken it down a few notches, there is room storage containers and possibly furniture underneath it. A fully-lofted bed leaves room for a dresser, a desk, a futon and other storage containers underneath it. If your bed has been taken down a few notches, there is still room for storage containers, possibly a dresser or fridge depending on how many notches down. Putting things under your bed will give more space to the main area of the room, opening the space.

2.  String lights or lamps

String lights and lamps are honestly lifesavers in making the room cozier. The fluorescent light from the overhead light is unforgiving and very bright, especially at night. String lights and lamps give the room a dimmer appearance, allowing your roommate to sleep while you still work with some lights on.

3.  Area Rug

An area rug is awesome for making the room more comfortable. The area rug can provide for a soft landing from your bed while also providing for a place to lay or sit on the floor for you or your friends if they come over to hang out.

4.  Keepsakes and Decor

Personal mementos make any place more homely. Whether it’s pictures of your family, friends, pets or other important things to you, it’ll help the room seem more like home.

5.  Mirrors

Mirrors not only are good for looking at appearances, but the reflection of the room in the mirror causes us to think the room is bigger.

6.  Light Theme Colors

Lighter colors naturally help to make the room seem more open. However, keep in mind if you have a tendency to spill things on light colors like me, dark theme colors might be the better option.

7.       Open blinds

Natural lighting helps to make all spaces seem lighter and more spacious. Opening the blinds in your room will do just this.