The Stolen steals hearts in Pittsburgh


The Stolen on stage in Pittsburgh at The Smiling Moose

Sophie Bodo and Sophie Bodo

The Stolen is an alt-rock band hailing from New Jersey consisting of vocalist and guitarist Dom Cuce, guitarist Rob Chiarappa, bassist Kevin Smart and drummer Mike Chiarappa. They are currently on tour promoting their debut self-titled album. Most recently, their album hit #45 on the Billboard Alt New Artists chart.

Their album, as well as a lot of their music, is influenced by artists such as The 1975, Bruce Springsteen, Bleachers, American Football and The Maine.

Riding the high of their recent album release, I got the chance to speak with The Stolen before their Pittsburgh show on June 10th at The Smiling Moose.

The boys met when they were growing up. “Rob and Mike are brothers, that’s a thing,” Dom joked as he reminisced on the start of their friendship. “I moved to Jersey when I was like 2, met them, and we kinda just became friends…and kinda just always kicked it with each other… We’ve known Kevin since like middle school, played baseball with him… So we’ve always been friends, Sparknotes version I guess.”

The stories of how they all got into music start way back in grade school.

“Rob and Mike’s dad is super into music, we just started jamming. Rob and Mike picked up guitar and drums and I thought, ‘s***, I don’t want to be left out’ and started singing,” Dom said.

“I started playing music probably when I was like 8 years old,” Kevin added.

“Fun fact,” Mike chimed in. “At one point me, Kevin, and Rob all played cymbals in the marching band. That was like how you get into the marching band, you start playing cymbals. I played it the first year, then Kevin took over, and then Rob did it.”

I asked them which song off the new album is their favorite to perform live, as well as their favorite part of touring, but it turned into a more complicated question than expected:

“I like ‘If I Left Tomorrow (Will You Stay Here When I Die?),’” Mike said, and Kevin agreed.

“That’s tough,” Dom immediately admitted. “I really like playing ‘Only in the Night,’ it’s a super groovy dancing song… ‘This is Good for You, Yeah?’ has the sickest vibes. I don’t know, I can’t decide… Spoiler: we like playing all the songs.”

“[The best part of touring] is taking the music that you made as a band and bringing it to the people who support you,” Dom continued.

“And meeting everyone is so much fun,” Kevin added. “Every night is like a reunion for us… We’ll see a lot of the same kids. There’s a couple of girls that have been to the past three shows on this tour.”

“[Our fans] are some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. We hate the stigma of ‘you’re a dude in a band you have to try to be a rockstar,’ but we don’t really f*** with that. We’re more like, ‘hey, these people are supportive of what we do, let’s go make a genuine connection because we’re people’,” Dom explained.

And because I couldn’t pass up the chance to talk about it, I had to ask what their favorite thing about Pittsburgh is. They were definitely more confident in their answers concerning the Steel City:

“Primanti Bros, baby!” Dom answered.

“I like the alliteration,” Rob said. “The Pittsburgh Pirates, and pierogies, and Primantis.”

“My new favorite thing about Pittsburgh is the pierogis now, those are amazing!” Mike added after finishing a plate of classic Pittsburgh pierogis.

In a lightning round, I asked them some quick questions about some of their favorite things.

  • Tour snack:
    • Kevin – PB&J
    • Dom – fries
    • Rob – anything from Sheetz that’s fried
    • Mike – beef jerky
  • Show to binge watch:
    • Kevin – Suits
    • Dom – Stranger Things/Parks & Recreation
    • Rob – The Office
    • Mike – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Spirit Animal
    • Kevin – puppy
    • Dom – dog/red panda
    • Rob – (very confidently) ostrich
    • Mike – meerkat
  • Ice Cream Flavor
    • Kevin – brownie
    • Dom – cookies and cream
    • Rob – cookie dough
    • Mike – pistachio

Be sure to check out The Stolen’s new album on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you listen to music and try to catch them on tour! You can follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @thestolen and can find more information on their website