States & Capitals take on first tour

Sophie Bodo and Sophie Bodo

States & Capitals is an American rock band from New Jersey, fronted by 22-year old singer/songwriter Richie Arthur. On Monday, June 10th, I got to catch up with the band after their show in Pittsburgh and talk with them about their tour.

States & Capitals sound is heavily influenced by John Mayer, The Night Game, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, and The 1975.

“I grew up on a lot of ‘80s and a lot of older stuff, but as I became more of a songwriter I’ve gotten into the songwriting aspect and those guys shape how I like to write my songs,” Richie said about his musical influences.

“My favorite part about tour is how hectic it is… At home all I really do is make music and play Madden. Tour makes the days feel so long and I like that. And it’s cool not knowing what time it is,” Richie laughed. “It’s fairly new to me, I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time. I’ve had a long time to prep for it so I feel like we do it right.”

Richie’s cousin James Byrne and friend Steve Denola join him as bassist and drummer, respectively, to form the trio you see on stage. Though they haven’t been playing together long, they’ve still formed an incredible bond. 

“It was easy, we’ve only played four shows and it feels like we’ve been playing forever,” Richie explained.

“For the most part, it’s been super organic,” James added. “We’ve had a few rehearsals, and this is only our fifth gig together.”

The band has a great dynamic and credits it to Richie’s leadership.

“He’s steering the ship and it’s a beautiful thing,” Steve said about Richie. “He can’t drive but he can play a hell of a guitar.”

“We got a nice little system going. I wouldn’t say I steer the ship, but it’s definitely my project and when we bring it to tour it’s all three of us,” Richie responded. “Everybody brings their own thing.”

“No joke,” James said. “It’s all Richie.” 

In a lightning round, I asked the band quick questions about some of their favorite things:

  • Tour Snack
    • James – bananas
    • Richie – Subway
    • Steve – yogurt
  • Binge-Watching Show
    • James – Ray Donovan
    • Richie – Spongebob
    • Steve – Twin Peaks
  • Spirit Animal
    • James – penguin
    • Richie – 1st answer: ant, “I’d get squashed in a minute.”

–  2nd answer: “Sidney Crosby, because we’re in Pittsburgh.”

    • Steve – penguin
  • Ice Cream Flavor
    • James – strawberry
    • Richie – 1st answer: vanilla

            -  2nd answer: cookies and cream

    • Steve – Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked

Be sure to catch States & Capitals on tour with The Stolen through the end of June. Tickets can be purchased at States & Capitals new single “Feelings” can be streamed now and the music video can be found on YouTube. States & Capitals also has an album coming out on August 2nd, 2019. 

Check out the Feelings Music video Here!