Faculty Senate will vote on grading policy resolution

Hallie Riley and Hallie Riley

Since January, the Undergraduate Student Government has been pushing for the grading scale to be modified in response to the current pandemic.

According to a post shared by @bgsuusg on Instagram, about 3,194 undergraduate students and 75 graduate students opted for at least one COVID-19 grading modification in the spring of 2020.

This was followed by 4,090 undergraduate students and 150 graduate students opting for the same changes in the fall of last semester.

Although the resolution has passed twice in the last two semesters, students are concerned that senators will not be in favor of it this time around.

“So far, it again has president & provost support, but I know some faculty members will be hesitant to vote ‘yes’ for it this time around,” USG President Harrison Carter said.

USG presented their proposal at Tuesday’s virtual Faculty Senate meeting, and is awaiting the voting results, which will be announced sometime Wednesday.